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ExaSense Labs leads the way in the design and manufacture of high quality thermistors for advanced temperature sensing. Starting from ultra high purity transition metal-oxides, further refined to nano-particle levels, ExaSense has pioneered the development of a vast range of material systems, meeting all global RT curve requirements. This state-of-the-art polycrystalline semi-conductor fab facility manufactures NTC thermistor chips, discs and ring/polos, a variety of glass encapsulated chips, lead frame coated devices, and microchip based catheter thermistor probes.
  Our ISO 9001-2008 certified manufacturing plant with Class-100K clean-room facilities is based in Bangalore, India. Innovative application engineering capabilities with prototyping facilities results in highly reliable temperature sensors developed in partnership with our customers.
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 Customized Material System  
 Customer's Specific Probe Development  
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 Temperature Calibration Services  
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       World of Applications
1. Coolant Temperature
2. Engine Management
3. Climate Control
1. Oral Temperature
2. Esophageal Catheter
3. Thermodilution Heart Catheter
 NTC Disc Thermistors  
 NTC Ring Thermistors  
 Axial Glass Encapsulated NTC Thermistors  
 Epoxy Coated NTC Chip Thermistors  
 Chip in Glass NTC Thermistors  
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